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February 16, 2021

I apologize for the late notice.  Our office will remain closed Wednesday and Thursday of this week due to power outages and lack of water availability.  We will begin calling our patients, who were scheduled this week, on Monday to reschedule. 

I plan to open additional time in the schedule so that my patients can be seen as soon as possible.  Thank you so much for your understanding.

Dr. Marla Magness-Myers and team.

February 15, 2021

Due to the icy road conditions and unpredictable power outages our office will be closed Tuesday, February 16th.  

We will call our patients who have been affected by the closure to reschedule your appointment.


Stay safe and warm everyone.  

Dr. Marla Magness-Myers and team.





May 18, 2020




Dental offices across Texas are reopening and we at Magness Orthodontics are pleased to reopen our doors.  


In order to resume the treatment of our patients, we are required to follow guidelines of the American Dental Association, Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, and Texas Dental Association.  Complying with these guidelines will cause some changes to the way we conduct our appointments, as we describe below.


  1. We are now required to have each patient fill out the health questionnaire (click link to access document) and consent form (click link to access) Please email the documents to us as info@magnessorthodontics.com or print a copy and bring with you to your appointment.


  1. Following the guidelines also means we can now allow ONLY THE PATIENT into the office for the appointment.  To reduce traffic through the office, we ask parents and guardians of the patient to wait in your car until we dismiss the patient back to you.  The patient is not required to wear a mask.


  1. At the conclusion of each appointment, we will give the patient an “orthodontic report card” and schedule the next appointment.  If you have any questions or need to reschedule please call the office. 


  1. Another change is that we now must ask each patient to please brush his or her teeth BEFORE arriving for the appointment.  Our toothbrushing station must be closed and will be used for hand washing and hand sanitizing.


  1. As always, we follow OSHA guidelines for infection control.  In addition, you will see an increased use of personal protective equipment. 





Step 1:  If not previously emailed, give us your completed health questionnaire and consent form.  Patient is asked to apply hand sanitizer.


Step 2:  We must check each patient’s temperature with a no-touch thermometer.  If the patient has a fever or symptoms, we are required to reschedule the appointment. 


Step 3:  We are also required to have each patient rinse with a mint flavored 1% hydrogen peroxide solution before treatment.  


Step 4:  Appointment is completed and patient given an orthodontic report card summarizing what was done at the appointment.  A new appointment will be scheduled when the patient is dismissed. 


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Models used were actual patients treated at MagnessOrthodontics